If you ever hear a politician start a sentence with the phrase “I hate to beat a dead horse but…,” go ahead and cover your ears because they are more than likely about to bring up something that you’ve heard a thousand times. The truth is, politicians make a living beating metaphorical dead horses. And the topic of the Sharia Law is fastly becoming a zombie. 

Sharia law is a set of instructions that is supposed to guide a Muslim through life. It is essentially a set path that is to be followed by all Muslims. It is a combination of elements from the words of Mohammed written in the Hadith and the Koran.

Recent activities in United States courts have caused a public uproar amongst politicians and regular citizens alike. In these courts, Sharia Law has been used in conjunction with American laws in order to make decisions and rulings. The limited use of Sharia Law has many americans questioning whether or not their freedom is being imposed upon.

I’ll be the first to tell you that usually where there’s smoke there’s fire.  But in this case, I believe that Newt Gingrich(the smoke) is alone. I don’t believe for one second that our system of beliefs and laws is in any kind of danger. Nor do I belive that our way of life will ever change in order to accommodate a more Sharia Law friendly lifestyle.

But if you listen to the ambiguous words of Gingrich, I could understand why you might be a little concerned.  But don’t be, Gingrich is simply doing what politicians do. Getting the American citizens to belive that he is on their side and has their best interest at heart, while trying to convince you that Muslims are taking over the world. And of course our muslim president Barrack Hussein is in on this right?

Simply put, Sharia Law will never be relevant enough in America for it to have a significant impact on the American way of life. And if I was asked whether I was worried about our freedom being at risk, I would provide a short and grammatically incorrect one word answer…Naw.